2017 See YouThe Shanghai Issue is a collection of photographic portraits of the city and some of its women taken in a DIY style similar to old school fashion/culture magazines such as Sleazenation. Printed in magazine form and in Chinese and English, See You is distributed by Art Data:


2015 Wallpaper is about the interiors of Shanghai’s abandoned housing and their relation to William Morris’s ideas on subjects such as architecture, aesthetics and politics outlined in Hopes and Fears for Art. The book is in an edition of 100 copies. For more details or to order a copy, please contact james@jameshbollen.com

2014 Jim's Terrible CityJG Ballard and Shanghai depicts Shanghai through the lens of JG Ballard's work. In addition to excerpts from his short stories and novels, the book includes a foreword written by Ballard's artist daughter Fay, and an introduction by James H Bollen about the relationship between the city and the author's writing.

In the words of Ballard himself, 'I've tried to link together obsessions of mine - car crashes, time, hallucinatory states of mind which have always drawn me to the surrealists - and find their sources in my own past in Shanghai.'

'The best independent photo book to pop up on my shelf from this photographer who followed Ballard's footsteps in Shanghai. The images are really a brilliant ode to the changing face of the city, the absence of history and Ballard's own lingering ghost.'

- Francesca Gavin, Visual Arts Editor, Dazed Magazine